Windows Key – N

So simple. Yet not made as evident as it ought.

At least, not in OneNote 2003. (For now, I’m still hanging on by my fingernails waiting for OneNote 2007.)

For the converts I’ve made in the two weeks since I got hooked, my advice has been that the first thing for a OneNote newbie to do after installation is to hold down the Windows Logo Key, then press N.

That’s not listed in OneNote 2003’s help file listing of keyboard shortcuts. In those help files, you have to have graduated far enough in OneNote to have found out what a side note is; and even then the easiest shortcut in the door is not emphasized. The three OneNote books I’ve read the past two weeks send you straight from installation to opening notebooks; and the mindset of OneNote is so different, the newbie too often has to struggle with it for hours before the light breaks through, if ever.

But I’m far from being the only business person who for years has wanted a good electronic version of stick-em notes or scratchpad or telephone message memos. So as distant as side notes are from the dreamiest horizons of OneNote, they’re as good as any place to go for that first bite of it after installation.


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